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Eternity Range goes copyleft!
We have nothing good to say about the corrupt, rotten, zombiefied "music industry". Record labels, small as well as large, mostly seem to be in it for the money, not for the sake of good music (there are expections though, cheers to Plutonium and ADD!). This is why we have chosen to once again follow the path of free - in every sense of the word - music. All our previous recordings are being made available under the creative commons license, published by the new Swedish netlabel: Netlabel Sweden. You can already download our Solitude album for free at: Please download it, burn it, put it in your iPod, distribute it as torrents on the lovely site Pirate Bay or do whatever you like, just don't buy the CD. The money you pay will go straight into the pockets of dishonest record label owners.

We have just published our first music video on YouTube. Check it out...

The Last Flight Don't miss the last flight!
The last flight is taking off now from iTunes and many other digital music outlets! This new single contains the title track, a remix by none other than Todd Durant of the well known US synthpop label A Different Drum and one bonus track. To buy your copy click here.

A third Eternity Range CD is on the way!
We are currently recording the last few tracks for our next CD. The sound will be slightly less dark than our previous records. Samples will be made available soon.

Morticians is now an EBM side-project of Eternity Range!
The old band name Morticians has now been put to use again. Andreas has resurrected his original version of Morticians which is a much harder type of music than that of Eternity Range. Swedish label Plutonium released a Morticians CD this summer. You can read all about it on their website: